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Why Add More?

By Ohimai Atafo | July 16th, 2016

When deciding to wear formal evening wear for your big day, always stick to the classics or keep it simple, please. Why add more to look different, and then end up looking awful?

If you want to wear a classic black tuxedo, please keep the accessories to black and white, and if you want to step it up, then try wine-red or red. Why add more and use a yellow bowtie or gold waistcoat just because it’s the colour of the day? Please, leave that to the bridal party.

For your formal suit, it’s always advisable to keep it to a one- or two-button suit. Why add more? Three, four, five or more buttons on a single-breast suit could make you look like a “fashion grandpa” with extremely funny taste from the 60s.

When picking the colour for your big day, always consider the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Pick a strong and soft colour (like purple and lilac or blue and soft pink). You can also add metallic colours like gold or silver for that shine. Avoid strong colour combos, like red and purple, or green and orange. Less is more, you know?

Shopping for a wedding dress can be quite tasking, because you want a special dress, possibly something no one has worn before and one that is totally different from everything out there. So you go, “I want a fitted mermaid gown with ruffled lace bottom and a ball skirt over it, a long-sleeved, open v-back with a crumb catcher bodice.” You still want a cathedral veil with crystals all over it, and a crown on your head. By the way, you want this dress to be blush (because everyone wears white and ivory). Then you still want to wear gloves and hold a fan and purse. This is obviously way too much!!! Keep it simple, please. Why add so much more when it’s not needed?

When you wear red soles for the sake of wearing red soles, it’s just another case of adding more where it’s not required. Please, check if the shoes are the appropriate shoes for the outfit, then decide if they should have red soles. And no matter what you do, please, no drivers.

Please, groom – gloves are a no-no. Remember: sometimes, less is more. Why add more if it won’t add extra value?