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Men’s Style & Travel Accessories – Why Add More?

By Noble Igwe | July 15th, 2016

For the man of style, only two things are beyond your control; the day you are born and the day you die. Every other thing in-between can be done in style.

As an ardent traveller, different people have asked me about the important travel accessories for the stylish man, and I have continuously given one answer – pack a suitcase full of fancy clothes, shoes and a cash card. Why add more?

Your style should not be limited only to your city of permanent residence and, on every single trip, anyone that sees you at the airport should be able to tell at a glance that you know your style.

Pick a fancy suitcase big enough to contain your clothes, belts, shoes, toilet bag and laptop.

You need a suitcase big enough to contain all your shoes for your Instagram pictures, dinner or whatever the destination throws at you. If you can cope with a big suitcase, why add more?

For the stylish men who aren’t afraid to spend, I’d recommend a Globe Trotter Suitcase big enough to make people stare, yet stylish enough to keep their attention.

Globe Trotter Albemarle Navy 33” Extra Deep Suitcase

If you’ve got this, why add more?

If you have your suitcase sorted, then make sure you pack functional and comfortable clothes.

I’m one of those people who thinks a man must always travel with one black or navy blue suit, a white shirt, three T-shirts and a pair of blue jeans.

With the above, there’s no function or event that you wouldn’t be prepared for.

The style code is like the Boy Scout motto – be prepared. As for shoes, depending on your style, pack what you need, but leave space for a pair of loafers that can go with the suit, jeans and shorts.

Santoni Two-Tone Leather Kiltie Tasseled Loafers

Now that we have your shoes, clothes and suitcase sorted, let’s get those colognes, beard oils, brushes and combs into a man cave. I always advise stylish men to keep a separate travel toiletry bag containing all

the things you need, from toothpaste to nail clippers, in a nice toiletry bag. Don’t be that guy whose toiletries fall out of his suitcase at the airport during a routine search. Keep your personal man-care items neat and tidy in a toiletry bag with nothing in a nylon. When you have a toiletry bag, why add more?

Herschel Supply Co “Chapter” Travel bag

Now that we have you ready to go, what time is it? Yes, for a trip with limited space to pack, grab that leather-strap wristwatch and leave everything in chain behind. Leather-strap wristwatches go better with any outfit or occasion, and it also saves you time at immigration with the strip tease at the airports these days.

With a fancy leather-strap wristwatch on your wrist, why add more?

Lastly, don’t forget your cash card, be it debit or credit. Stylish men swipe at every purpose, and if you have that fancy card, why add more?

As stylish men, we are required to be examples of how to “travel in style” and if you follow the list above, you’ll always motivate and inspire other people, teaching them ways to resist “adding more” to perfect style.

Style is personal, why add more?