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About The Brand

Amstel® Malta knows that sometimes success isn’t about what you add in, but rather what you don’t. That’s why when we make Amstel Malta, we use less sugar, while keeping all of its full, premium flavour. We are proud of our international heritage as part of the Amstel® Bouwerij, which dates back to 1870, and our longstanding commitment to quality. Amstel Malta is brewed using only natural ingredients like malted barley, hops, water and caramel.
We meticulously brew Amstel Malta to deliver a full flavour and gently sparkling refreshment. So, next time you see the Amstel Malta logo with its iconic golden circle, blue royal crest and “A” symbol on our unique bottle or handy can, you’ll know you are enjoying the finest quality malt drink. All the taste with less sugar.


Since inception in 1994, the brand has changed packaging twice and introduced a new sku in 2007. Amstel Malta has a classy look and with a handy 33cl Can and the new 40cl PET, it can be enjoyed on the go.